BOSCH REXROTH Servo Motor MS2S Series

The MS2S motor generation of the ctrlX DRIVE portfolio offers maximum torques of up to 22.6 Nm in 3 space-saving sizes. With the new ctrlX DRIVE optimized 18-bit encoder as well as the one-cable connection and optional holding brake, they are ideal for customized drive solutions in all drive tasks with STO.

1. Thermal motor protection
  • The motor temperature is monitored via a sensor-based, drive-internal temperature model and ensures a high level of protection for the motors against thermal overload.
  • Motor-warning temperature (140°C)
  • Motor-disconnection temperature (145°C)
2. Degree of protection
  • IP65 with shaft sealing ring
3. Cooling mode
  • Self-cooling (IC410)
4. Holding brake
  • Can optionally be provided with spring force brakes
5. Noise emission
  • The typical sound pressure level Lp(A) is specified for the speed range 0 rpm up to the rated speed. The installation situation affects the noise emission
6. .Coating
  • One-layer standard varnish (1K), water-based, in conductive form, RAL9005 jet blacK. An additional varnish with a coat thickness of max. 40 µm is allowed Protect all safety notes (stickers), type plates and open connectors with a painting protection when painting additionally.
7. Powerful
  • Maximum torque from 3.75 to 22.6 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.73 to 7.15 Nm
  • Finely scaled series with three sizes, with two lengths each
  • Single cable connection for space, weight, cost and time savings

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