FRECON Inverter FR500S Series

Frecon independent R&D inverter FR500S series high frequency motor drive Inverter with max. 2000Hz output, could satisfy the electric spindle field very well, such as the customers' demands in the field of engraving machine, computer engraving machine, CNC engraving machine, precision grinding machine etc.

1. Adjustable from 0Hz to 2000Hz
2. Current stability, speed does not fluctuate, a large high-frequency torque
3. Can achieve the motor fast satrt and fast stop, the current waveform is good, high precision.
4. Perfect protection: input and output phase protection, short circuit protection, overcurrest protection, overload protection, etc. nearly 20 kinds of protection.
5. With fast speed, small size, lightweight, low cost of materials, low noise, low vibration

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