FRECON Inverter FR500H Series

FR500H series special purpose inverters are developed for multi-pump constant voltage watersupply, based on the core control arithmetic of FR500 vector control inverters, combined with the control requirements of multipump constant voltage watersupply application.

1. Multi-pumps control modes
  • Single variable frequencypump, Multi power-frequency pump mode;
  • Variable and powerfrequency2 pump
  • Multi-frequency following mode
  • Multi-master mode.
2. Multiple rotation modes (fixed sequence,first start first stop, timing rotation) toprevent a single pump from running for along time

3. Support cleaning function, clear theblockage of the water pump.
Support pressure sleep and wake upfunction

4. Support the pipepressure fillingfunction to prevent pressure overshootat startup (slowly run the pipe before starting PID adjustment for pressurefilling).

5. Support dry pumping detectionfunction to prevent the pump fromburning out.
Power rate:Three phase 380V0.75kW~450kW

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