FRECON Inverter SY380 Series

Support various customization

01 Models


- SY380-2S-4.0B

- SY380-2S-5.5B

- SY380-2S-7.5B

- SY380-2S-011B

- SY380-2S-015B

- SY380-2S-O18B

- SY380-2S-022B

SY380 series dedicated inverter is specilized in the occasions that with only civil power grid (220 VAC) and motor voltage is 380 VAC; no need to add the transformer, customer can easily drive 380 VAC motor with this model.

1. Input phase Uin
Single phase 220V 4.0KW~22KW
Single phase 220V 4.0KW~22KW

2. Unique built-in booster plan

3. Compared with the transformer scheme, smaller volume, lower cost

4. S multiple protection, let customers safety use

5.S component derating design, long service life and high reliability 


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