FRECON Inverter FR500D Series

FR500D series inverter is designed according to the carrying characteristics of elevator. It adopts high performance vector control technology, can control both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor

1. Input power
Rated Input Voltage (V) 3-phase 380V (-15%~+30%)
Rated Input Frequency (Hz) 50Hz/60Hz,±0.5%

2. Output power
Maximum Output Voltage (V) 0~Rated input voltagee, Error<+3%
Maximum Output Frequency (Hz) 0.00~600.00Hz, Units:0.01Hz

3. Multi-stage S curve special for elevator
  • Flexibly start curve processing, multi-stage S curve setting, 4-level acce/dece time setting, which can make sure the comfortable of elevator.
4. Power Failure Self-help
  • DC 48V battery input or single phase 220V voltage input optional
5. Built-in brake unit, reduce the electrical system fittings cost.
  • Built-in brake unit is available for inverters with 75kw or lower power.
6. Full range of independent duct design, professional lightning protection design.
  • Featured with the function of motor parameters auto-tuning, static tuning or full-tuning.
  • Function of forced power failure self-help
7. Ambient temperature
  • -10°C~40°C (De-rate from 40°C~50°C)
8. Level of protection
  • IP20

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