FRECON Inverter FR500A/510A Series

FR500A/8510A series is Frecon's new high-performance and high-power density design inverters. With low-frequency output characteristics, the FR500A&510A series has better peak power capacity, and this three-phase vector control inverter ranges from 380V 0.75kW -1000kW.

1. Based on FR500A series, F R510A series adds the following functions
  • Support synchronous motor.
  • Support multiple PG cards
  • Support position control such as spindle orientation, pulse follow, zero servo
  • Support two groups of motor parameters
2. New Technology Platform, Large Surplus Derating Design
  • Adopt Infineon new generation of IGBT hardware platform, with higher configuration and large surplus derating design.
3. Independent Air Duct
  • The independent air duct design can effectively prevent the dust from entering the inverter and causing the fault of short circuit, improve the reliability.
  • Select the long-life and max air flow rate cooling fans, Effectivelly reduce inverter temperature rise, ensure reliable and stable operation.
4. Wide Range Voltage Input with International Standards
  • Voltage fluctuation range: 325-528V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Standard three-phase Inverter that is used to convert a DC I/P into an AC output
  • Rated voftage 3 phase 380-480V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Voltage fuctuation range: 325-528V, 50H2/60Hz
5. Strong Overload Ability
Heavy load overload capacity:
  • a. 150% of rated load can keep 1 min
  • b. 180% of rated load can Keep 10 s
  • c. 200% of rated load can keep 1 s
6.Comprehensive protection functions
  • FR500A and FR510A series have comprehensive protection functions such as output to ground short circuit protection, fan drive circuit protection, external 24VDC short circuit protection, motor overload protection, optional PT100 / PT1000 motor temperature protection function, etc.
  • According to the severity of the fault type, it can be selected as pre-warning, fault stop and continuous operation, it is convenient for maintenance.
7.Excellent Performance
High-start torque characteristic.
  • 0.5Hz can provide 150% start torque < No PG vector control 1)
  • 0.25Hz can provide 150% start torque (No PG vector control 2)
8. Built-in self-adaptive PID function module
  • Built in two groups of PID parameters, which can automataly switch according to the deviation, DI terminal and frequency conditions.
  • Given and feedback source selection is various, practical.
  • Detect function of PID feedback loss, which is convenient for user to detect faults.

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