FRECON Inverter FR30 Series


- Excellent performance
- STO (Safe torque off) standard built-in
- Reactor and EMC
Built-in adaptive PID function module
- Reliability design
- Speed tracking function
- Operate when the V/F is fully separated and semi-detached
- Supports for various encoder cards
- Built-in LCD keypad, can define data display, support parameter backup
- Support IP54 and IP20

FR30 series is a new generation inverter of FRECON, with high performance, high quality and high power density design. It is mainly positioned as a full-featured product in the mid-to-high-end market. Its design is flexible, has built-in VC, SVC, and VF controls. Can be widely used in applications with high requirements for speed control accuracy, torque response speed ,and low-frequency output characteristics.

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